Thank you to those who supported our annual raffle! Winners are below:
1) Ruger Mini 14 – Harvey D. Nassau, NY
2) Remington 870 – Bill Y. Brunswick, NY
3) Savage 11/111 – Bob S. Troy, NY
4) Henry Rifle – Tom M. Troy, NY
5) $250 Cash – Gerald B. Pittstown, NY
6) $250 Cash – Maureen M. Troy, NY
7) $250 Cash – David D. Melrose, NY
8. $250 Cash – Mark I. Troy, NY

ATTENTION MEMBERS:The 2014 Dues reminder has been send along with the Annual Newsletter and club raffle tickets. Dues are due by 12/31/2013. Those not paid by 2/28/2014 will be separated from the Club. We appreciate your prompt payment. Thank you (10/22/2013)

NYS Voter Registration Form.

NYS Troopers Field Guide to the NY Safe Act.

Federal District Court Decision upholding NY Safe Act.

Please use the link on our website to start or renew your NRA Membership.It is now more important than ever, that ALL New York State gun owners join (and renew) the NRA and New York State Rifle and Pistol Association.The Club receives money back from the NRA if you use our link. Thank you!

Firearms Safety and Range Rules signs have been installed at all ranges. Please take a moment next time you are at the range and read the new signs, remember SAFETY FIRST.┬áThere is NO ALCOHOL permitted on Club grounds. If you observe violations of the Club rules, please note date and time, and if possible a photo of the offender’s license plate and report to a Club Officer ASAP.

DO NOT FIRE BIRD SHOT INTO CLUB SUPPLIED BACKERS AT ANY OF THE RANGES Supply your own targets when using these bird shot.

When shooting at the range remember this is a CARRY IN/CARRY OUT FACILITY. Please help keep things looking good by taking a part in cleaning up after yourself at our ranges and club house.

We have patches and stickers for sale that carry the Club logo. Please see John Yule at a Business meeting if you are interested in these.

PLEASE drive at a respectful SPEED on the Club road.