Steel Challenge – Pistol

We will be offering an unofficial and unsanctioned Steel Challenge shoot. Steel Challenge is an excellent course of fire for both new, intermediate and advanced level pistol shooters. It may be shot with any handgun (revolver or semi-automatic) capable of safely firing at least 5 shots without reloading. There are various stages, but in any stage, you must shoot five steel plates at varying distances. One plate, designated the “stop” plate must always be shot last. You can shoot as many rounds as necessary in 30 seconds to achieve one hit per plate.

Shooters will either shoot from a strong side (outside the waistband) hip holster, or the “low ready” position. If shooting from a holster, the holster and shooter must be checked and approved by the Range Officer before the event. No magnum calibers. Shooters must have lead, plated or jacketed ammo. 5 magazines or speed loaders recommended. Eye and ear protection MANDATORY for ALL shooters and guests. Fee charged: Members $5. Non-members $10

Dates and times for this event are on the Club calendar.

Information on Steel Challenge here

For any questions about Steel Challenge at Brunswick, contact Scott