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The club’s archery course consists of a half mile of groomed trails through stands of pine and hardwoods with picturesque rock walls interspersed along the way. There are fourteen target stations offering shots of 20, 30, 40 and 60 yards. The marked trails terminate on the club’s front lawn. We have two additional targets on the lawn for practice before or after completing the course.

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NRA short course (reduced) at 200 yards. 50 rounds + sighters. Check website calendar for dates. Starts at 9:30am. Costs are $10.00 to shoot. That includes basic instruction.

M1 Garands available with prior reservation.

CMP stands for Civilian Marksmanship Program. For more information on the program, visit Wikipedia.



Defensive Rifle is designed to develop and improve your skills with your rifle. It is scenario based and may involve transitions to a handgun (if you have one) and/or a shotgun. The courses of fire will involve tactics such as shooting on the move and tactical reloading.

This event is for MEMBERS ONLY. Any NYS legal firearm may be used in this event. Cost is $10 per shooter. This event is limited to 20 shooters. Please see website calendar for dates.

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Defensive Rifle
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The Brunswick Sportsman’s Club offers educational safety courses with trained instructors certified by the Department of Environmental Conservation.

Hunters Safety: Please see website calendar for upcoming classes.

Hunter & Bow Education


Women On Target Instructional Shooting Clinics create more opportunities for women to learn all about firearms, and to gain confidence in newly-acquired shooting skills.

Learn safe firearms handling
Learn how to store your firearms safely
Learn to shoot
Learn a sport you’ll enjoy for a lifetime

Learn more about the NRA Women on Target Clinics and find a clinic near you.

Shooting Target
NRA Women on Target
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The Brunswick Sportsman’s Club offers both the Basic Pre-License and Advanced Post License Pistol Classes throughout the year. The emphases of both courses are firearm safety and knowledge. All classes are taught by NRA Certified Instructors.

The Basic Pre License course is for the individual who is seeking their NYS Pistol Permit. In addition to Safety, we cover the Fundamentals of Pistol Shooting, review the most common types of handguns, ammunition components and firing sequence as well as care and storage of handguns. The course duration is 4 hours and does not involve live fire due to NYS law. The cost of this course is $50.

The Advanced Post License Evaluation is for the individual that is seeking a non-restricted NYS Pistol Permit (please consult with your Pistol Permit Clerk) and those looking to gain “hands on” experience and a more in depth knowledge of Pistol Shooting. Generally, an individual should have their pistol permit for at least one year before taking this course. Additionally, the individual should be thoroughly familiar with their firearm, and have practiced with it on a regular basis. This course involves classroom training and about 50 rounds of live fire. The course duration is approximately 5 hours. The cost of this course is $50.

Please see our Event Calendar for specific dates/time OR,

Rensselaer County Firearms Training Site

Pistol Instruction


The Precision Rifle shoot is scheduled for the third Saturday of each month from 9:30AM-12:30PM, and is open to members and qualified guests (members and guests will need to demonstrate proficiency with their firearm before being allowed to shoot). Precision rifle will take place on the 300 yard range with steel targets and clay pigeons set at varying distances. Any center fire rifle (no .50 BMG due to club rules) is welcome (semi auto, bolt, or lever action) with a good sling. Magnified optics are up to the shooter. The cost will be $10 for members and $15 for non club members (guests) and the cap on shooters will be 15.

There will be shooting from the standard positions along with non-standard shooting positions.

For questions contact

Rifle Bullets
Precision Rifle


The Brunswick Sportsman’s Club has a regulation Trap Field. We currently do not have a Trap league but the range is open to the public on Saturday mornings. This begins in May and ends in October. Sign in starts at 8:30 AM.  A round of Trap consists of 25 shots, 5 from each of the five shooting positions. There is a fee charged per round for members and guests. We supply the birds, you supply your own firearm & ammo. See you at the range!

Shotgun - Trap


We will be offering an unofficial and unsanctioned Steel Challenge shoot. Steel Challenge is an excellent course of fire for both new, intermediate and advanced level pistol shooters. It may be shot with any handgun (revolver or semi-automatic) capable of safely firing at least 5 shots without reloading. There are various stages, but in any stage, you must shoot five steel plates at varying distances. One plate, designated the “stop” plate must always be shot last. You can shoot as many rounds as necessary in 30 seconds to achieve one hit per plate.

Shooters will either shoot from a strong side (outside the waistband) hip holster, or the “low ready” position. If shooting from a holster, the holster and shooter must be checked and approved by the Range Officer before the event. No magnum calibers. Shooters must have lead, plated or jacketed ammo. 5 magazines or speed loaders recommended. Eye and ear protection MANDATORY for ALL shooters and guests. Fee charged: Members $5. Non-members $10

Dates and times for this event are on the Club calendar.

More Information on Steel Challenge here

For any questions about Steel Challenge at Brunswick, Use our Contact form and choose Steel Challenge as your subject.

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Steel Challenge- Pistol


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The Brunswick Sportsman’s Club is pleased to be recognized as the Charter Organization of Troop 537 Brunswick, N.Y.

Troop 537 has a rich history in Brunswick dating back to 1936. The Club has always enjoyed offering the use of its facilities for many outdoor activities such as archery, shooting, Klondike Derby practice, and weekend camping at the Lean-To camping area. When the weather breaks in the Spring, Wednesday night Troop meetings are held at the Club House.

The Lean-To Camping Area is a result of an Eagle Scout Project developed and completed under the direction of Scout Nathan Piche (Eagle Scout). The Camping Area is available for use by all Club Members as well as Scouts.

Are you interested in being involved with the Boy Scouts of America? Visit or call 518-869-6436 and ask to contact Troop 537 Brunswick, N.Y.

Boy Scouts of America
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